How it works

  • Cut

    -Decide the location to ink on your body. Use the Pre-Wipe to wipe the area (and shave body hair as you like). Wait till it dry, at the same time.

    -Cut out the tattoo image. (scissor included in every delivery)

  • Peel

    -Remove the protection film and place the tattoo sticker firmly against skin.

  • Wet

    -Choose a way to wet the tattoo sticker:

    a. Soak the cotton pad or tissue to soak the back of the tattoo sticker.

    b. Hold the tattoo sticker firmly against skin and put it under water tape. -Hold firmly on the sticker for about 30s. When you feel no friction between the sticker and skin, gently remove the sticker.

    -Don’t touch the ink in 5 min for the tattoo to dry. Then the ink is good to go. Enjoy your off time.

  • Remove

    -To remove failed/faded ink: Use the “Post-Wipe” to gently wipe off the ink.