Offtime Tattoo

Literally, a visual reminder of taking a break from work.

Work hard, play hard, but apply the Offtime tattoos gently.


Offtime tattoos are temporary, but the memory can be forever.

Check tattoos in the gallery and do it your way.

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  • Cut

    Decide the location to ink on your body. Use the Pre-Wipe to wipe the area (and shavebody hair as you like). Wait till it dry, at the same time.

    Cut out the tattoo image.

  • Peel

    Remove the protection film and place thetattoo sticker firmly against skin.

  • Wet

    Choose a way to wet the tattoo sticker:

    a. Soak the cotton pad or tissue to soakthe back of the tattoo sticker.

    b. Hold the tattoo sticker firmly against skin and put it under water tape.

    Hold firmly on the sticker for about 30s. When you feel no friction between the stickerand skin, gently remove the sticker .-Don't touch the ink in 5 min for the tattoo to dry. Then the ink is good to go. Enjoy your off time.

  • Remove

    To remove failed/faded ink:

    Use the Post-Wipe to gently wipe off the ink.

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